We offer you domestic and international transports with our own trucks or with reliable subcontractors.

Transported goods:
- steel products (coils, sheets, profiles, pipes etc)
- oversized transport: large and heavy objects
- fertilisers (in bulk and in big-bags)

We arrange efficiently and precisely the transport of general cargo, coils, both part cargoes and full shipments.

Complex rail logistics is also part of our portfolio.

Depending on the type and utilization requirements of the cargo, we use different types of waggons and transload both incoming and outgoing directional trains.

Since 1988

Transhipment, storage and forwarding

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Why us?

Quality standard of our services

30+ years experience

We store and transport professionally since 1991


Large transhipment capacity (also barges), handling of block trains, crane capacity up to 25 tons


Warehousing of iron and steel products, agricultural goods, fertilisers and other cargoes.


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Ferroport Ltd was founded in 1988 as a joint venture company of MAHART, Hungarian Shipping Co. Ltd. and M. Preymesser GmbH

H-1211 Budapest, Weiss Manfréd út 5-7